Cryptocurrency Tracker

Made in Golang

Markus Tenghamn, a Go/PHP developer and Techlead, authored a utility that tracks various cryptocurrencies. It’s a command line utility and it works really well.

Markus has a writeup on his utility at STEEMIT.

For those wanting a deeper dive into how he calls the current exchange prices, you might prefer his other article, also on


I downloaded the source, and compiled it (details on how to do that follow below.) Here’s a demo of it running on my local system.


Using Go

What’s really interesting, is that the author has used the Go programming language.  This is the same language that was used to create the GETH utility for Ethereum coin.

Go is a highly performant language invented by Google and used for desktop and server applications.  The concurrency model in Go is different than other languages.  Rather than “threads,” Go uses “goroutines” which are incredibly light weight and more performant.

Compiling From Source

If you have Go installed, you can compile Markus’ cryptocurrency tracker, by doing the following:

At a prompt, enter: go get

If you have Go setup in the typical fashion, you’ll have a local path for Go to store source code.  This might be /Users/[your username]/go/src/[repo]/[username]/[project]

Type cd and the path to the Cryptocurrency project (i.e.

cd go/src/

Once in the project folder you’ll need to create a configuration file.  Markus has supplied a sample one (config.json.sample)  Once you have a config.json file in the project folder, you can build.

I reviewed his code and it looks really interesting.  He’s setting the api endpoints he’s using to grab data, in the config.json file.

then build using:

go build

Once you build, there will be a Go executable in the folder.   Run the executable and you should see a terminal window load with cryptocurrency prices.

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