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And Easy

Many of us (myself included) find the notion of mining to be rather daunting.

There are so many different coins on the market, and then you have to deal with the complexities of how you’ll mine it (CPU or GPU.)  Some currencies only work with CPU mining, others work with both.

You either decide to buy a rig or wing it with what you got.  If you’re like me, you spend far too much time researching currencies on your calculator to see what cryptocurrency will work best for you to make a profit with.  By the time you’ve picked a strategy, the complexity of the blockchain changes and you’re back to research it all over again.

I came across tonight and was pleasantly surprised. takes all the difficulty out of mining.  To get started you simply:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Download their own GUI driven mining software
  3. Install it and login through the software

That’s it.

Once logged in you’ll notice that MinerGate’s software has already set itself to “Smart Mine.”

Smart Mining with

You are free to manually pick and mine any of the dozen or so currencies through the MinerGate pool.  Yet the software has a unique gadget – the Smart Miner.  This checks the popularity and profitability of a currency being mined by the pools.

It automatically sorts you into the currency to mine, that is the best profit for your rig at the moment.

It also picks how many CPU cores and GPU cores it will utilize.

I found this to be really exciting.  In the screenshot below, you can see it picked Monero coin for me to mine.  All details of where I’m at (unconfirmed or confirmed mining results) are displayed in real time, as well as the current hash rates I’m getting:

Merged Mining

MinerGate’s smart mining can also determine if it’s more lucrative to merge the mining of multiple currencies.  This again takes all the hassle out of this from your own decision making.

System Benchmark

The mining software also comes with a benchmark utility.  This utility runs a scan of your system’s CPU and GPU’s.  Once done, it runs various algorithms to determine your profitability in difference currency mining.

A result is provided (although I don’t believe the result takes into consideration the cost of electricity) on a projected yearly earning with your current rig.

Straight to the Wallet

Your mining earnings are deposited in the MinerGate wallet for your account.  You can send out any earnings to any other wallet of your choice.


The ease of setup and getting going is the easiest method I’ve seen yet.  The GUI software install was very slick and informative.  They make use of badges to encourage users to push on and get more active with mining and the community.

I also was impressed with the real time chat aspect of the pool and the variety of currencies.

But by far, the most interesting aspect of it all, for me, was the “smart mining.”  Letting a system pick the best currency profit for me is a big win.

Check it out for yourself… head on over to and see what they have to offer!

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